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Biztpol Affairs: A Budapest-Based Security Policy Journal

Office address

József Krt. 53 Budapest 1085

Mailing address

Katona József u. 23/a Budapest 1137

Frequently Asked Questions

We are glad to provide help regarding your questions about our activity.

Who can submit an article for the journal?
Anybody who qualifies the academic writing standards, but we suggest to submit your paper if you are at least an under-gratuate student in the field of international relations and security policy studies.
How to submit my abstract?
You can upload your abstract on your own at the submission menu of this website. You only need to register, login and submit your piece.
How long does it take to get response on my submission?
We will react via email in a couple of days.
How is the peer-review processof the articles going?
The papers are reviewed by various researchers and academics. It is a double-blind process, so it works perfectly anonymously.